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Study Questions:

1. Did you find the reading in Art Work helpful this week, in terms of the practical information that it provides? Once again, was there any information there that you did not consider prior to reading the chapter?

2. What did you think of the essay by Julie Blackmon? Like our artist last week, Michael Waugh, Julie Blackmon is a successful, exhibiting artist. She seems to largely attribute her success to the compromises and sacrifices she has made in her personal life in order to realize her work. Have you ever thought about what you might have to sacrifice in order to realize your own career, whatever the direction you plan to take?

3. I very much appreciated Julie Blackmon’s honesty. Yet I admit that I was both relieved to hear that she was not able to perfectly balance her personal and professional life, and also a little horrified by some of the compromises she described making with her son. How did you feel about her compromises?

4. Julie Blackmon also described the location of her home, and how that, too, facilitated her work. How do you feel about her choice of location? Have you thought about relocating to make your life as a creative person more affordable?

5. Did you disagree, or even strongly disagree with any of the ideas presented in the reading?

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