Taiwan Film Commentary

Taiwan Film Commentary.

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Before you start doing this assignment I hope you can read the “requirement for commentary” entirely I posted below and follow it closely to make sure we would not need to revise basic issue later. I’ve made a very close instruction in the attachments below already so Please follow them closely, especially “Grading Rubrics”. You are welcome to reach me out if you have anything unclear before or during the process of the work. Thank you.

As for this commentary, please discuss the ways the three major films e-screened over Weeks 7-9 deal with Japanese/Chinese/American (Hollywood) influences, in terms of film genres (state or cold war propaganda, romance comedy, gangster film, noir and detective, and so on), narrative technique, identity formation and political agency, global/local dialectics, minority rights, or ecology and sustainability. Please draw on specific scenes to make your points.

Taiwan Film Commentary

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