TAP Application

TAP Application.

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Describe how this course will enhance your current job skills and career development in support of the company and department missions. Be sure to include how this course is relevant to your current position. Attach a separate sheet, if necessary. (Justification should not include the completion of a degree program. Responses should be limited to 400 words.)


Quantitative Design and Analysis

In this course, learners investigate the fundamental concepts needed to conduct quantitative research. Learners examine and apply quantitative research techniques; appropriate applications of quantitative research; research design, measurement, and analysis, and their associated inter-dependencies; variable types and levels of measurement; sampling; descriptive and inferential statistics; and hypothesis testing. Learners define the strengths and limitations of descriptive statistics, analyze the quantitative scales of measurement, review the logic of probability and null hypothesis testing, and leverage technology when applicable. Learners also determine the steps necessary to ensure human subjects protection, and consider methodological adaptations when conducting research with vulnerable and diverse populations.

TAP Application

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