Targeted Topics in ABA Unit 9 Discussion

Targeted Topics in ABA Unit 9 Discussion.

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Setting the Scene:

Tabatha is in the 4th month of 2nd grade at Watson Elementary school. She has always been an excellent student. In fact, she completes work in a timely manner and usually receives excellent grades, i.e., 95-100% accuracy. Recently, her teacher has noticed a change in Tabatha’s behavior and performance.

Tabatha has been raising her hand and asking for the teacher’s help multiple times during seat work in each subject. She has been breaking in line to go to the cafeteria, physical education, and recess, but only when the teacher is leading the line. She has also been pushing the new little girl that transferred to the school two weeks ago.

Her teacher has reached out to you, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), for help. Mrs. Lake explains that she has tried everything to help Tabatha. She has let her walk with her to the cafeteria, physical education, and recess whenever Tabatha tries to break in line. She even moved Tabatha’s desk closer to hers so she could readily help Tabatha when she is doing seat work. She has also separated Tabatha from the new little girl by allowing Tabatha to sit next to her on the bench during recess. She doesn’t know what else to do.


  • Explain the process you would undertake to identify the probable function of Tabatha’s target behavior.
  • Discuss the antecedents and consequences in this scenario and hypothesize the probable function of the target behavior.
  • Design a function-based behavior intervention plan (BIP) for Tabatha and discuss how you will determine whether your intervention has been effective (hint: data).

Guided Response Posts:

In your responses to your peers’ primary posts, discuss the approaches used in their behavior intervention plans (BIPs). Be sure to discuss them using behavior analytic terminology, for example, antecedent modifications, Differential Reinforcement (DR), extinction, etc. Explain whether your peers’ BIP approaches would be effective – or not, in this particular scenario. If the approaches would not be effective, describe how the BIP could be modified to insure effectiveness.

In each response, add to your peer’s BIP by inserting generalization and maintenance approaches.

Reading and Resources

Read the following: Young, A., Andrews, C., Hayes, C., & Valdez, C. (2018). Should teachers learn how to formally assess behavior? Three educators’ perspectives. Education, 138, 291-300


Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., Heward, W. L. (2019). Applied behavior analysis

Targeted Topics in ABA Unit 9 Discussion

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