Textbook Chapter reaction Paper 1-2 pages.

Textbook Chapter reaction Paper 1-2 pages..

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Chapter Reaction Papers Paper Requirements: • 1-2 pages (double spaced) each paper; • Each paper is worth 20 points; • Please do not simply summarize the chapter. To put it blatantly, I read the chapters and really do not need your summaries. You should include your reactions and thoughts to reading the material. That is, I am looking for how you critically thought and analyze the readings. For instance, you may compare/contrast the readings to other related material, or you may hypothesize about ways in which the work could be improved, or do you think the author(s)’ point of view is expressed (too) political, ideological, or theoretical? Why or why not

– ( I will attach the chapter pages with the attachments)

Textbook Chapter reaction Paper 1-2 pages.

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