The Litmus Test

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Assignment 1: The Litmus Test

The Litmus Test is used to determine if a research problem is adequate for a dissertation. The distinguishing characteristic of doctoral-level research is that it must make an original contribution to the field. The Litmus Test provides an assessment of the research problem based on four hallmarks of the research problem (i.e., Is it justified? Is it grounded in the literature? Is it original? Is it amenable to scientific study?). In Walden’s scholar-practitioner model, a research problem shows promise of contributing meaningfully to the field only if the answer to all of those questions is “yes”.

This week you will apply the Litmus Test to a sample prospectus. You can use the Litmus Test as a reference throughout this course and your chair will use it when he or she provides your final Prospectus submission with feedback at the end of this class.

To Prepare:
  • Download the Litmus Test and read its criteria.
The Assignment

In at least one page:

  • Perform an evaluation of one of the sample prospectuses by completing the Litmus Test.
  • For each item of the Litmus Test, briefly state how it was met.

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