they say i say chapter 3

they say i say chapter 3.

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Share TWO ideas from They Say/I Say chapter three, that you learned, appreciated, or have questions about.


Share TWO powerful verbs that you think may be especially useful to you and explain why.


Read, “Liberty, Licentiousness, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” by James R. Rogers.” For Roll Call, identify the primary point the writer wants his audience to understand and using signal phrases and in-text citations, quote and explain TWO passages that support the primary point (or main claim); and share your views on this writer’s position. Write 75-125 words.


Learn about writing the one-paragraph summaries called the rhetorical precis. Then, write a rhetorical precis for “5G Devices Are About to Change Your Life,” by David Pogue. The rhetorical precis is a specific kind of summary that allows us to analyze texts and save key information about them in a condensed way. It’s one tool in your academic toolkit. Please follow the format and don’t wing it. 🙂

they say i say chapter 3

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