This is a D8

This is a D8.

I need support with this Article Writing question so I can learn better.


All discussions are set in post first mode, which means you must create an original post before being allowed to view your classmates’ postings. Original post should occur within 24 hours of the assignment. For this discussion, you will have two parts. You must complete all elements of the discussion to receive full credit. Be sure to check both grammar and spelling as mistakes will result in a loss of points. Be sure to cite your sources.

PART 1) You get a Bergeron question this week. International courts – While discussing the concept of presumption of innocence within the international court context, it was noted by one comparative scholar that if he were innocent that he would prefer to be tried in a civil law court system, but if he were in fact guilty, he would prefer to have the trial adjudicated within a common law court system. On what basis do you see someone making such a statement? What are the key reasons that someone might make this assessment? Do you agree or disagree that the civil law tradition protects the innocent party more and that the common law tradition protects the guilty party more? Outline you thinking in this regard and use examples.

PART2) I will upload the post when you finish the first part, you need to comment on the post I uploaded!

You need to complete the first part and give it to me. After I submit it, I can get the task of the second part, and then I can send you the second part for you to help me complete. I can’t open the second part directly now

This is a D8

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