Three Lenses on Organizational Analysis and Action

Three Lenses on Organizational Analysis and Action.

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Please answer the below listed questions for each lens and give me example or information what are these lenses.

The Strategic Design Lens:

  1. If you were on the Dynacorp task force, what would be your first choice for an alternative design? What would be your second choice?
  2. Which of the problems of the current design would your chosen design address? What problems (if any) would it not address? Are there new problems to which it might lead?
  3. What linking and alignment mechanisms would you propose to make the “grouping” of your first choice of design more effective?

The Political Lens:

  1. Think about the organizations in which you have worked. Who were the most powerful individuals and groups, and why? Come to class prepared to discuss this issue.
  2. Think about this EMBA cohort (class). Who are the individuals or groups that have the strongest influence, and why? What are the key indicators of influence?

The Cultural Lens:

  1. After becoming familiar with the cultural lens on organizations as discussed in the student module and Edgar Schein’s article on organizational culture, make up a brief list of some of the “artifacts” you are familiar with at your organization. They should be artifacts that you consider to be particularly telling or revealing of the school culture.
  2. Bring one or two of the artifacts to class if possible and be prepared to present them to the class along with your interpretation of their significance. What meanings do you attach to your artifacts? Consider also a few values you have seen or heard expressed in this organization.
  3. Are these values held in common by all members of your organization? Are they practiced by all?

Three Lenses on Organizational Analysis and Action

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