Topic 1 DQ 1 Comment 2

Topic 1 DQ 1 Comment 2.

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In the nursing field all nurses are leaders and managers of some sort. While these two roles have many similar traits and work together, there are also a few differences. “Typical managerial tasks for the professional nurse include planning, organizing, staffing, evaluating, supervising, negotiating, and representing. The degree of power that a nurse manager holds is assigned by the organization” (Grand Canyon University, 2018). One of the biggest differences is managers hold authority and leaders do not. Leaders are respected and looked up to, but do not hold any authority. Mangers have specific duties and goals while a leader’s goals may be more self-directed instead of organizational driven. The goals of leadership and management overlap in a beneficial manner. Leaders lead by example, therefore guiding other nurses to perform skills adequately and efficiently. For example, the nurse manager gives the unit a goal of less than 1% contamination rate for blood cultures to be obtained for the month. The nurse leaders will guide other nurses to obtain their blood culture specimens using the correct procedures to help lower the contamination rate. The goal of lowering contamination rates greatly effects the patient in many ways. “Transformational leaders are essential for implementing standards that enable nurses to provide excellent patient care” (Waterval, 2015). Nurse managers and leaders work together to make change and provide high-quality care to patients.

Topic 1 DQ 1 Comment 2

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