topic 4 dq 2 12

topic 4 dq 2 12.

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

In March of 2014, we marked our calendars in the celebrating the four-year Anniversary of President Obama’s signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, also know at the ACA. The ACA is designed to realign and encourage collaboration between the public health and healthcare system. With the legislators focus on insurance reform and health system reform, the ACA includes several provisions that have important implications on public health. The ACA directly influences public health through the prevention and public health find, the nation’s first mandatory funding for the public health and the national prevention strategy. The ACA’s goal is to improve access to traditional healthcare by expanding affordable health insurance. Most health plans are now required to provide preventative health services without charging a copayment. To improve healthcare for the community the ACA now requires all nonprofit hospitals to complete a community health assessment every three year and report the needs of the community with interventions used to address the needs to the IRS. The ACA also requires implementations of the National Quality Strategy. This aims at better healthcare, affordable care, healthy people and healthy communities. Behaviors, social, environmental determinants of health are also addressed during this process. The link between health policy and access to healthcare has never been clearer. Nurses must find themselves at a historic juncture in the evolution of healthcare delivery, a time when they can play a leadership role in guiding families to better healthcare. Nurses can support the health of families and communities by serving as a source of much needed information on how to access the health insurance coverage that the ACA offers. Nurses must for receive education and training on the ACA, complete as self-assessment before going out into the community. Many patients and families may have heard of the ACA but don’t fully understand to purpose and benefits. But with a trained public health nurse acting as an advocate, these communities will be guided and directed to better healthcare at an affordable rate.


Randolph, G.D. & J.H. Morrow (2013). The Potiental Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Population of North Carolina. NC. Med J, 74 (4): 330

topic 4 dq 2 12

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