Topics Session 7

Topics Session 7.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Please post your response to at least two of the following topics. You must also comment on at least ONE post made by other members of the class. Your posts should be grounded on your readings. You are encouraged to also add examples from your personal experience to further strengthen your argument. Class members who join the discussion late are encouraged to select topics that have not been adequately covered by previous participants.


Discussion Topics Session 7 CHOOSE AT LEAST 2

  1. “All work is a process”. Explain with the aid of examples.
  2. Explain what process management refers to and why proper process management is important for any business.
  3. With the help of examples, explain how value creation differs from support services.
  4. Explain the difference between designing manufactured goods and designing services.
  5. Why is continuous improvement important for businesses in today’s environment? Provide examples of businesses that strive to improve continuously.
  6. Compare and contrast breakthrough improvement with kaizen.
  7. Discuss the benefits of ISO 9000 certification for business.

Topics Session 7

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