topics tural studies

topics tural studies.

topics in cultural studies discrussion board


1. When you first meet a person form a different culture, how do you compare/learn about their culture?

2. Provide an example of Mesopotamia being considered the birthplace of a cultural developments. Explain your example.

3. In what way does the Epic of Gilgamesh relate to Christian Mythos?

4. Misusing a word happens to everyone, briefly explain a situation where you used an incorrect word and it caused a problem.

5. Who were the Celts?

6 How have the Arthurian Legends influenced modern day culture?

7. Why do some cultures endure for centuries but other only last a few generations?

8. Geographically Greek city-states are unique, why? What impact did their location have on the development of their society?

9. What is one moral story being told in Homer’s Epic poems?

10. What type of events cause political system to change within a nation?

11. What allowed for Rome to expand its boards to encompass land from Britain to the Near East to Northern Africa?

12. Battle and glory are essential in Rome; explain the importance of The Founding Myth of Rome. (Hint: one written by Livy, other written by Virgil)

13. How did Renaissance thinking result in exploration of the “New World”?

14. What differences are found within the cultures of Mesoamerica?

15. Why was the legend of Quetzalcoatl important in conquering the Aztecs?

16. How has the science of eugenics effected societal beliefs about different ethnic groups?

17. What was the relationship between West Africans and Europeans between the 16th and 17th centuries and then the 18th and 19th centuries?

18. What allowed for the rise of the Third Reich in Germany?

19. What are the key features of religion?

20. Name a few defining characteristics of each of the 5 major world religions.






topics tural studies

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