Transformation at Eli Lilly & Co. cases study

Transformation at Eli Lilly & Co. cases study.

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please read the case studies and answer the questions.

for Eli Lilly & Co. questions

  1. What are the strongest and weakest actions that John Lechleiter and his senior executive team are taking to confront the YZ crisis? How would you have reacted as a senior leadership team member during this period?
  2. What does Lechleiter hope to gain with his organizational realignment? Do you anticipate that it will work as designed?
  3. What messages is Eli Lilly sending to the markets and the Indianapolis community? At what point would you fear they are not working?


A Case Questions

  1. Assess Sandra Brown as a change leader at NIN. What did she accomplish and do well? Could she have had the same success using other strategies or tactics?
  2. How did Brown utilize digital tools and social media to create change? What did digital allow her to do that she wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise? Did the company have legitimate concerns about this utilization?
  3. What should Sandra Brown do about Jay Gupta’s job offer in the quality division of NIN?

B Case Question

  1. What considerations factored into Brown’s decision to stay at NIN, and what advice would you have given her about the decision or about remaining at NIN?

C Case Questions

  1. What lessons learned from her earlier experiences did Brown apply to the quality movement at NIN? How important was it to the movement that Brown had formal authority to engage in change efforts?
  2. What potential problems remained for Brown and Gupta and the quality movement in summer 2017? Is this or a similar movement scalable to the entire NIN company? What specific areas of the company could benefit from a similar movement? Why or why not?

Transformation at Eli Lilly & Co. cases study

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