Trends in Romantic Partnerships

Trends in Romantic Partnerships.

Can you help me understand this Sociology question?

Option 1: Read pp. 68 – 71 in Sociology of Families on “Dating in Historical Context”.

• Summarize what you saw as two key points or research findings from this section. • Discuss how the findings relate to your own experiences, someone you know and/or a person in the media (i.e., a movie, TV show, someone in the news, etc.).

Your post must be at least 300 words in length. Two points will be deducted at 50 word intervals for posts less than 300 words (i.e., -2 for posts 250 – 299 words, -4 for posts 200 – 249 words, etc.). Your post should also be thoughtful, phrased in your own words, written in complete sentences.

Trends in Romantic Partnerships

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