Types of Program Evaluations (Childcare Program)

Types of Program Evaluations (Childcare Program).

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DQ Week 7

Types of Program Evaluations (Childcare Program)

For your primary post, identify what type of program evaluation you will be conducting to evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions. Type of program evaluations include, but are not limited to; needs assessment, process, outcome or efficiency evaluation, or a combination of two or more. Next, explain your rationale for choosing this type of program evaluation. In other words, why is this type of evaluation the most useful for your program interventions?

Week 7 Reading

Please refer to your readings from HN501 and HN598 to review the implications of ethical standards in the profession to diverse populations. Refer to HN522 to evaluate the need for community education as it relates to the human services profession (FCSS) and HN530 and HN531 to differentiate different methods of program evaluation and to review how to research and assess information related to human service delivery, including data analysis, and the interpretation and evaluation of findings (OSS).

Types of Program Evaluations (Childcare Program)

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