Video Tutorial Assignment

Video Tutorial Assignment.

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Each student will be responsible to create ONE video tutorial that can be accessed online by Mr.Flying Bird and the other members of the group. This is an individual assignment however; the group needs to jointly decide the topics to be covered, so there is no repetition within the group . Focus only on topics included in Exam 1 (Chapter 1 to 5). Below you will find a list of sample questions/topics that you can use as themes to create your video. Use of examples related to the topic will help Mr. Flying Bird understand the lessons better. You may also choose to incorporate any current news that relates to the topicYou must read the file carefully first, and do it later. Please! put your effort on it because this is very important to me. The voice must be man because I am man

You may use power points and just your voice in the background

The video must be no more than 5 minutes in length

14.How Does Political Economy Influence Economic Progress?What are some indicators one can use to understand the Economic Development of a nation.

Video Tutorial Assignment

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