Week #07 Final Assessment

Week #07 Final Assessment.

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Week #07 Final Assessment

Please answer the following question.

Note: Essay responses must be 2-3 paragraphs of 4-6 sentences per paragraph unless otherwise noted.

The gospel of Matthew can be understood as the “textbook” gospel that guides the faithful Jewish believer to right action. This gospel also serves as the primary gospel to show us Jesus’ “Kingship” for Jewish converts to Christianity.

According to Matthew’s gospel, in what manner are we to act in order to follow the instructions of this textbook? Base your answer on Matthew’s “Sermon on the Mount” (Chapters 5-7) as well as the role that Peter & Judas Iscariot play to illustrate this point? Be specific; cite passages in Matthew and the reading from Johnson and the online lecture that support your argument.

Exclusively use the Online Lecture and the reading material for the week to support your argument.


  • You have to read and understand the Online Lecture and the assigned reading materials that in the attached files. Then response to the Week #07
  • You have to respond to the question(s) posted for the week assessment in less than 24 hours.
  • Posting must be 3 paragraphs in length (4-6 sentences per paragraph), cited with references from the Online Lecture and Reading Material ONLY
  • Response MUST be based exclusively from Online Lecture and Reading Material provided in this course and NOT from other outside sources. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any form and a score of zero will be given on the assignment, as it will be checked by Turnitin Website for plagiarism.
  • You have to read and understand the Online Lecture and the assigned reading materials, and then response to the Assessment.

This work must be done in less than 12 hours.

Week #07 Final Assessment

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