Week 1 Short Responses

Week 1 Short Responses.

Can you help me understand this History question?

During the first week of Theme: Approaches to History, you have been asked to respond to several questions designed to show your understanding of key concepts. Now it is time for you to submit your responses to those questions.

First, review your answers to each response. Be sure you have responded to each question in 2-3 complete sentences, using proper grammar throughout. Check for errors and incomplete answers. If you have not completed any of these questions, do this now.

I also am attaching my rubric for this week 1 responses.

The book that we are using is:

Applied History MindEdge 2016 Edition ISBN: 978-0-9978552-1-0

and let me know if I have to copy pages to be able to answer this questions

Week 1 Short Responses

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