Week 5 Writing Research Discussion

Week 5 Writing Research Discussion.

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Identifying quality sources

Research a discourse community. Find a source related to your discourse community. What genre is it? Then, practice reading laterally: Describe at least two strategies you used to learn more about the source and its content. Did learning about the context or fact-checking the content change your evaluation of the source in some way? Would you use this lateral reading method again? Why or why not?

For example: I read an article by a librarian about hate groups using library spaces. It’s a blog post. I read laterally by Googling the author “April Hathcock” and found that she’s a scholarly communications librarian at NYU and a lawyer. Then, I searched for the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, which she referred to in her blog post, but the website didn’t really give me additional information related to the blog post. So then I searched for Office for Intellectual Freedom library spaces, and found an article by the director of the office, James LaRue, with the text of the document April Hathcock was referring to in her blog. This lateral searching helped me understand where the author was coming from, especially her legal background, and I could read the text she was referring to, and the argument the Director James LaRue was making. I would use this again, because it helped me understand the conversation surrounding the issue, and I could actually see the text the blog author uses, since she didn’t quote it directly.

My hope for you in this discussion is for you to give some examples of situations related to these questions and to discuss why each example fits into either category. Please have some of your personal opinions in this discussion as well. Create your own answer discussing your thoughts on the questions in at least 10 sentences

After creating your answer, I would also like you to respond your opinions and feedback to 2 students’ answers…3 to 6 sentences per response

Week 5 Writing Research Discussion

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