Week Eight Learning Assignment #1

Week Eight Learning Assignment #1.

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For this week’s learning assignment, you will engage in a lot of self-reflection!

1. Complete the FICA spiritual assessment or the HOPE spiritual assessment and include your results in this assignment.

2. Review the Whole Health Model (see handout).

3. Engage in self-reflection and identify how you plan to strive for whole health throughout nursing school. As nurses, we have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our patient’s/client’s. In nursing school, you need to take care of yourself in order to promote success and prevent burnout!

4. Provide personal examples for each element of the Whole Health Model that you plan to utilize during nursing school.


o Working Your Body

o Surroundings

o Personal Development

o Food & Drink

o Recharge

o Family, Friends & Co-workers

o Spirit & Soul (include FICA assessment info when relevant)

o Power of the Mind

Professional Care

o Prevention

o Treatment


5. Obtain 1 scholarly article in a nursing journal about self-care and nursing school/education and provide support for the self-care activities you identified.

Week Eight Learning Assignment #1

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