Weight of the Nation, Reporting out for lifestyle strategies,

Weight of the Nation, Reporting out for lifestyle strategies,.

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1) What stood out for you when you watched the film? (Weight of the Nation)

2) The film gave examples of several kinds of actions communities are taking to reduce obesity and improve health. Which of these seem especially promising?
3) If we wanted to make a change in our community that would make a big difference in health, what would that change be?
4) With the Daley twins and the diabetes study, what two contributing factors (of the five discussed in lecture) to obesity were researchers able to separate?

5) What are 5 steps to help improve health in the workplace?

Personal Discussion:
What kind of healthy steps have you integrated into your job, life as a student, and/or in your family?

Discuss your results from your BMR and EER.

Develop a weight management program (could be to maintain, gain, or lose weight) for a client that fits a profile similar to yours or someone you know (don’t use any real names) that follows the recommended guidelines in the book. Recommendations should follow healthy recommendations on diet, physical activity, and safety in weight loss/gains.

For some people eating healthy is a challenge due to financial issues. Identify programs available in the community that allow people to eat healthier (need to list at least 5 programs). (1 point) This is due Sunday, March 8, before midnight.

Weight of the Nation, Reporting out for lifestyle strategies,

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