What is speech critique?

I don’t understand this Communications question and need help to study.

Located below is the link for the Informative Yoga Speech. This speech serves as an example of an informative speech presentation. There are 3 main components of an informative speech presentation Introduction, body and conclusion. Please view the 4:30sec. video and identify the following components in complete sentences. After viewing the speech, prepare a one- to two-page speech critique with an introduction and conclusion, formatted according to APA style.

1. Organizational components ( Was the speech organized?)

2. Did her introduction include the following? (Attention-getter, thesis statement, credibility statement, and preview statement?) ALL EXTREMELY important to the introduction process.

3. Were vocal citations provided? How did she ensure audience engagement? Or did she?

4. What are some areas of improvement? Was it a successful speech presentation?

5. Was a summary of points provided? Did it connect or refer back to the introduction?


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