what is the reason of the lack go attention ?

what is the reason of the lack go attention ?.

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After reading Part 1 (pgs. 1-4) of “In Defense of Distractio” by Sam Anderson, please submit one page of reading notes in response to the following questions.

1. What is the central argument of this section of the article? What two claims does Anderson use to support this argument?

2. Explain the term “poverty of attention” (p.1).

3. Meyer and other researchers believe multitasking is a myth because “when you think you’re doing two things at once, you’re almost always just switching rapidly between them, leaking a little mental efficiency with every switch” (p.4). Additionally, “the only time multitasking does work efficiently, Meyer says, is when multiple simple tasks operate on entirely separate channels” (p.4). Can you think of a time when you were truly multitasking according to Meyer’s definition?

4. Theorist Linda Stone describes our current states of mind as having “continuous partial attention” (p.4). What effect do you think this has on how we get things done (our productivity)?

what is the reason of the lack go attention ?

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