Whirlpool Casestudy

Whirlpool Casestudy.

Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Consider Exhibit 2 in the Whirlpool Corporation Global Procurement Case (available in your readings), then submit a case write up addressing the following points.

  • Why should Whirlpool Corporation be interested in cost modeling? How can they use supplier cost models in procurement?
  • What’s the key point in case Exhibit 2? Can this framework apply to your organization?
  • The context of the case is the purchase of manufactured products. Do the ideas around cost modeling fit if you were sourcing services for your company?
  • Thinking of the range of services a company might source from outside suppliers—simple things like custodial or security services, versus complex services like legal or consulting—how would the applicability of cost modeling vary?

To facilitate a focused case write-up, the above-listed set of questions have been provided to you. You will need to answer these questions for the case. A case write-up is not to exceed three pages of typed text (single spaced; 12 pt Times New Roman with 1 inch margins; pages should be numbered) plus maximally three supporting exhibits.

I work for a 3PL company and handle warhousing. I believe this information is needed for bullets 2 & 3.

Whirlpool Casestudy

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