WR2 Thesis Outline and Peer Review

WR2 Thesis Outline and Peer Review.

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Before completing this assignment, please make sure you 1) read the articles, 2) take the unit reading quiz, 3) review the lesson and handouts for the unit, and 4) use the Argument Essay Outline Worksheet.docx to plan your outline.

This discussion board is designed to support you in planning and drafting your essay, offer you the opportunity to receive feedback on your ideas, and enable you to exchange valuable ideas and feedback with others in the class.

Please use the “REPLY” feature to:

  • Share your outline for WR2 (use the general format from the Argument Essay Outline Worksheet.docx)
  • Offer at least TWO peers specific and helpful feedback on their outline drafts. Here are the questions to guide your Peer Review:
    • Does the thesis respond to the prompt and contain identifiable WHAT, HOW and WHY elements?
    • Do the subclaims make mini-arguments that connect to the thesis?
    • Does the listed notes regarding evidence and analysis seem appropriate/fitting for the argument?

WR2 Thesis Outline and Peer Review

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