write a inquiry about 950-1000 words

write a inquiry about 950-1000 words.

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Inquiry 2: Rhetorical Analysis: Analyzing Online News Articles

Project: For this paper you will perform a rhetorical analysis of two online news articles that concern themselves with the same public issue or current event but use different rhetorical strategies to attempt to persuade their audiences.

Purpose and Audience: The primary purposes for this inquiry are

(1) to learn and apply rhetorical principles, concepts, and terminology to analyze and evaluate news articles;

(2) to identify and analyze the rhetorical choices that writers make in adapting their writing to particular audiences in particular contexts;

(3) to recognize language as a powerful tool in constructing reality; and

(4) to support analysis with appropriate textual evidence. Your audience is your instructor.

Process: To begin, choose two news articles from two different online sources that concern themselves with the same public issue or current event. Students last semester struggled with articles that were not long enough. You will probably not end up choosing the first two that you read through.

You will analyze these two articles using strategies we will discuss and practice in class.


Minimum Length: Your paper must be three full pages long (to the top of the fourth page) in Times New Roman, 12-point font with double spacing and no extra space between paragraphs (approximately 950 – 1000 words).

Title: Your paper must have a title, one that suggests its content and invites the reader to read on. The title should be centered and in plain font, not bolded, underline, italicized, or enlarged. You may not use “Inquiry 2” or “Rhetorical Analysis” or anything similarly descriptive about the assignment; the title should be about your topic.

Formatting: Please refer to the Paper Guidelines in your syllabus. Indent the first line of paragraphs and do not skip extra lines between paragraphs. Do not enlarge the font, widen the spacing, or expand the margins in order to make your paper appear longer than it is. If you do so, I will ask for an electronic copy of your paper and reformat it before I grade it.

write a inquiry about 950-1000 words

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