Write a Persuasion essay

Write a Persuasion essay.

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Please look at the detailed requirements below:


To translate scholarly ideas to a more public forum and contribute knowledge more publicly.

Learning Objectives

We will continue to work with the elements we learned in our earlier projects, as well as build on them by focusing on how to:

  • Write for more public audiences
  • Write concisely
  • Edit and proofread thoroughly
  • Decide whether to use active or passive voice
  • Transfer the knowledge, practices, approaches, and skills we learned in this course to new writing contexts.


For this final writing project of our course, I am asking you to write a 1000-1200 word persuasive essay in which you address a current event relevant to your selected area of inquiry/focus, and articulate an opinion about it. Your essay must be about something timely and relevant, connected to a current issue or debate happening in the world. Use this essay as a chance to share your expertise based on what you have learned about your selected area of inquiry/focus throughout the course. You will have the chance to show why and how your scholarly thinking about your selected area of inquiry/focus is relevant to current events. See below for ideas about the questions you might use to develop your essay.

Examples of Possible Topics

Here are a few examples of possible topics, along with potential resources:

Selected Area of Inquiry/Focus: Indie Rock

  • Potential Topic: Grammy Music Awards 2020

Selected Area of Inquiry/Focus: Education

  • Potential Op-Ed Topic: MOOCs

Selected Area of Inquiry/Focus: Climate Change

  • Potential Op-Ed Topic: Australia Fires, 2019-20

Selected Area of Inquiry/Focus: Sports

  • Potential Op-Ed Topic: NFL Concussion Denial

Your steps for this project include the following:

  1. Identify a potential current event you can write about for your persuasive essay. I suggest that you spend a few days reading about current events on websites/periodicals/newspapers of your choosing. Select a current event that is related to your selected area of inquiry/focus and about which you have an opinion. Depending on your selected area of inquiry/focus, you may find connections to current events more or less evident.
  2. Learn all the information you can about the current event you have selected
  3. Draft your essay within the appropriate deadlines.

Questions to Help Guide You

Consider the following questions as you develop your argument:

  • Given a particular current event and your expertise about your selected area of inquiry/focus, what ideas are important for others to consider?
  • Based on your expertise about this area, what are the significant sociocultural politics involved with this current event?
  • How does this current event demonstrate something significant about your selected area of inquiry/focus?
  • What can we learn about your selected area of inquiry/focus by considering this current event?
  • What does it take to make this current event have as positive as possible an outcome?
  • How might this current event reinforce, challenge, or otherwise modify our prior thinking about your selected area of inquiry/focus?
  • How might this current event raise new questions about your selected area of inquiry/focus?
  • What questions does this current event raise for you?

Integrating Evidence and Citing the Evidence

Make sure that you properly give credit to every item of information you bring in from outside sources. You need to use 2-4 credible sources (no more than 4).

Your Readers

Your readers will be interested in current events and your expert opinion.

Grading Criteria

An excellent project will meet the following criteria, showing that you can:

  • Connect your selected area of inquiry/focus to a current event
  • Make a point about this current event
  • Write in a style and manner appropriate for effective arguments
  • Organize the argument clearly
  • Write concisely
  • Use active voice
  • Create an effective opening and closing
  • Edit and proofread carefully
  • Include an effective title.

Here are all the requirements. This work must be an original work. Please make sure that. And this work is very important to me, so high quality must be ensured. Looking forward to your high quality work.

Write a Persuasion essay

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