Write an essay on Book Eight of the Republic

Write an essay on Book Eight of the Republic.

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Write a on the following topic:

In Book Eight of the Republic, Plato describes the degeneration of the ideal city-state into various successor forms, including “democracy.” After a thorough introduction, first discuss the structure of Plato’s “ideal republic,” and then outline the process of degeneration that leads to democracy, the specific shortcomings of democracy, and its eventual transformation into tyranny. What sort of vision of human nature underwrites Plato’s critique? Finally, evaluate Plato’s claims: Do you think they are fair, or do you continue to prefer democracy, despite all its evident flaws? Do you think that we, in any case, live in a democracy?

Essays are to be presented in double-spaced 12-point New Times Roman with standard

margins. Please provide at least four citations from the text to support your claims, and

employ a standard referencing sys

Write an essay on Book Eight of the Republic

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