write two paragraphs and 3 response

write two paragraphs and 3 response.

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reading needed

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail
  • David and Jack Cahn, “Equality For All: Freedom is Nonnegotiable”

write two substantial paragraphs, as follows:

In one paragraph:
–Discuss one portion of King’s letter that you find particularly important or powerful. What is his overall point in this portion of the text? What is he doing in this section that intrigues you? What rhetorical strategies does he use to support his point in this section (e.g., word choice, use of imagery or metaphor, etc.). Identify the appeal created by each strategy (i.e., the appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos).

In a second paragraph:
–Make a connection to one section of Cahn and Cahn’s chapter where the authors make a point about millennial perspectives on equality. What differences do you see between contemporary views and those of King’s time? What ideas are consistent with King’s?

write a reply or make a comment on those three discussions

student 1

In pg. 2 paragraph 5 I found it particularly powerful. Martin Lither King, Jr. elaborates on how for years they have heard the word “wait” and how “wait” means never. He states, “I guess it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say ‘wait’.” He then goes on and elaborates on why they can’t no longer wait. The overall point on this portion of the text, is that King is trying to persuade the audience to understand why they can’t no longer wait by providing painful experiences the community has been through. What intrigues me is how the painful experiences he provided were so vivid and heartbroken. The rhetorical strategies he uses to support his point in this section are metaphors. The appeal King uses is Pathos because the experiences he provided were emotional.

In the Cahn and Cahn’s chapter the authors make a point about millennial perspective by stating, “Millennials will fight for social change with vigor and resilience, so much so that social change has become the new third rail of American politics”. Millennials have united to be able to continue to change social inequalities. They have become powerful enough to be able to create equality for almost everyone. The differences I see between contemporary views and those of Kings time, is that in Kings time it was harder to voice and obtain a change. Now days it’s hard but it is easier to voice an opinion of social inequalityes. The ideas that are consistent with Kings is that both are trying to obtain social inequalities. Different times and different people but same goal.

students 2

I find that repetition is very effective when it comes to making a point in an argument, and Martin Luther King Jr. does an impressive job at utilizing this device. As he repeats “when you” in his last paragraph on page 2 He is saying that these white clergymen cannot relate the what he and others of the African American community have gone through. The white men claim that the nonviolent protest is unnecessary and untimely, but King is saying that it is the opposite. With the unfair treatment that they have had to face, it is only a matter of time before the African American community have had enough, and that time is now. It is not only necessary, but long overdue with the poor treatment that they have had to endure. They have finally had enough and trying to nonviolently take their freedom back from the government and the white suppressors. The repetition of “when you” is significant because every one of these struggles that is not only common but expected to be experienced as an African American are things that the white clergymen would never have to even consider as a possibility simply because of the color of their skin. For them to tell the African American community that what they’re doing is unnecessary is ignorant and privileged. They could never and would have to experience the same hardships that they have had to face.

On Page 231, in the last three paragraphs, Cahn and Cahn show that the problem in equality is that many people believe that we live in a post-racial society, which isn’t true. Their argument differs from King’s because they are saying that white people need to stand up and advocate for African American equality whereas King is saying that they must, as a group, nonviolently demand it. There is a similarity however, in how both arguments have no trouble in seeing that there is definitely a bias when it comes to the justice system.

student 3

A portion that I found valuable in King’s letter is when he relates the struggle the black community went through had comparable issues as what the church went through to be accepted in the community. King incorporated a past event that shared the same struggles to demonstrate that it was possible to combine other communities into one. I found this section interesting because it discusses how the church seemed the outsider. The paragraph states “wherever the early Christians entered a town the power structure got disturbed and immediately sought to convict them for being “disturbers of the peace”. King uses to compare and contrast a rhetorical strategy to support his point in his section. He discusses how in the past the same issue the black community was going through, the Christian community had been through it as well. With compare and contrast, King appeals to ethos to persuade his audience into believing there is hope for the black community to gain acceptance.

In the chapter of Cahn and Cahn’s, #BlackLivesMatter and Police Violence section, it discusses the brutality that occurs between police and colored people. The idea of categorizing a criminal with their skin color is inhuman. In this section, Millenials believe that there is no color that defines a human. Millennials believe that there is “equality for all”. They are more open and understandable of diversity. The difference between contemporary views and King’s time is that Millenials are open-minded and believe in justice all around. In King’s time, the idea of seeing black people, same marriage, and women leaders as all equal was not tolerated. I believe the action that King took about Black lives inspired Millenials to fight for equality and make our community build with no borders. King’s idea is consistent in Cahn and Cahn’s chapters by demonstrating unity and equality for all.

write two paragraphs and 3 response

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