Writing Assignment 2 Due Wednesday March 18

Writing Assignment 2 Due Wednesday March 18.

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The article should report on a physiology topic or research

. The article may be focused on a

single research finding or it can be a generalized summary. The article should be less than one

year old and provided to your instructor when the report is submitted. A URL should be included

in the Heading if using a web-based newspaper.

Examples of sources which are NOT

acceptable include Scientific American, Nature, National Geographic, etc. These are

excellent publications, but they do not cover current events.

Method and Product:

Using a newspaper article with a topic focused on some aspect of physiology, develop an

introduction to one of the chapters, “Emerging Concept,” “Try It,” or a “Running Problem” for

your text. Put yourself in the place of an editor of the next edition of the text. You want to add

topics which are current and/or of interest to the reader. The topic you choose should be one

that fits into the text and part of your assignment involves finding a good location for your

section. Make it interesting! Including quotes from or information about the scientists has been

a good tactic for students.

Writing Assignment 2 Due Wednesday March 18

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